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Mother and Baby
Baby's Grasp


Testimonial from Jamie
Mother of Baby Boy “J”

“My spouse and I started working with Sarah when our son was just a few days old. We had returned home from the hospital after a surprise c-section and desperately needed help and SLEEP. Thankfully Sarah could start right away. I mean it when I say I don't know what I would have done those first couple of weeks without her. Having someone who could skillfully care for my newborn while providing expert advice on nursing and postpartum issues was essential. The nights Sarah was in our home I could go to sleep knowing my baby was in good hands, ask her all of my pent up questions, and get support with breastfeeding and other changes my body was going through. Now that our baby is a bit older Sarah has continued to make herself available when we need her and we're so grateful for her. She is truly a gem and I highly recommend working with her.”

Testimonial from Maribel
Mother of Preterm Twin Girls “R and R”

“Breastfeeding was one of the most wonderful experiences, but at the same time very difficult. As a mother premature twins, I had two very different experiences with breastfeeding. There is a incredible connection created when your baby looks at you from the breast. But at the same time I learned that breastfeeding is complicated when you have preemie twins who have different medical needs. I was fortunate because I had Sarah by my side at that time. She was the lactation consultant who was so helpful in answering my questions and supporting me in the process. It helped so much to have Sarah reinforce my self confidence as a new mom.”

Testimonial from Maggie
Mother of Baby Girl “G” and 13 Month Old “H”

“One of the most difficult parts of having a newborn is their erratic or non existent sleep patterns. Our son was only 13 months old when our daughter was born so we knew we would require help at night with our newborn so we could be the best versions of ourselves during the day. Sarah allowed us exactly this. She fed, changed and most importantly comforted our newborn daughter at night as needed. Sarah helped to establish healthy sleep habits and sleep schedules for our baby. We were able to rest easy at night knowing she was caring for our newborn while allowing us to catch up on sleep. Worth every penny we spent!”

Testimonial from Molly
Mother of Baby Girl “F”

“Sarah is extraordinarily competent! She is not only a very seasoned pediatric nurse, she is also a jack of all trades. I felt and still feel very comfortable leaving my daughter in the qualified and competent care of Sarah. On top of all her skills and competencies, she is a ray of sunshine AND a great chef.”

Testimonial from Janine

“As an RN I've worked with several lactation consultants over the years but Sarah was the best of the best! She's just fantastic, professional, patient, supportive and has so much experience when it comes the helping moms succeed when breastfeeding. When she was working I knew our patients were in the best hands. When you first get to work with Sarah you will quickly realize she is highly skilled and has the tools and determination to support breastfeeding. She always made her patients feel at ease with her confidence and knowledge. Her passion and experience with helping moms breastfeed is above and beyond and I feel very lucky to have learned so much from her about breastfeeding. I highly recommend her!”

Testimonial from Jessica

“Sarah is everything you want in a lactation specialist. She’s kind, patient and experienced! I am always amazed by her persistence, which I can only attribute to her passion in the field of helping mothers and babies bond through breastfeeding. Thank you Sarah for your tireless work and education.”

Testimonial from Robert
Father of Baby Girl “C” and15 Month Old "C"

"Trusting your newborn with a brand new person overnight is not an easy decision for a parent, but with Sarah it has been one of the easiest decisions we have ever made. Sarah has all of the skillsets as a registered nurse, lactation consultant, and registered doula to put your mind at ease and help your child adjust to coming home. Sarah seamlessly provides start to finish service, going the extra mile with everything she does. She adjusts her attention to your individual needs including where we would like bottles cleaned, what sort of care to provide our child, how to soothe, and she even brings our child to us for breast feeding. She really is wonderful and we have nothing but great things to say about her work."

Testimonial from Steph Mother of Twins

I interviewed and searched for the right fit for our family when we knew we would be welcoming twins. Sarah checked off all the boxes and more. She guided our family for the first 12 weeks postpartum doing overnights 1-3x a week and also daytime shifts 2x a week to help us as we managed our toddler alongside our newest additions.
I truly believe her support kept any postpartum anxiety or depression at bay. She was kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable, punctual, friendly and professional. We don’t know what we would have done without her! Hire her before your babies come and thank yourself later! Thank you, Sarah! -S.S 

Testimonial from Cristina
Mother of Baby Girl “J”

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